it took a thousand lighter flicks
to come up with a single thought cerebral
"it ain't my fault"
all the things I tell myself
it's fall again and I can't find myself
beans cooking on the back burner
"shit!" I'm out of cigarettes again
the only beauty in this world
is your face on the sphinx dutiful


doves on the wall
I thought for a time or two
salmon colored silver lining
too tall to touch
left hand bereft
right hand rifle
my lungs have given up
on the breathe
caged in my moustache
washing down rubric
with ashes


Leave my gander be
Indulged in the simplicities of war
That grainy gecko won't let go
If not for a second of slumber
Sleeping on the sun we forgot
For a while begrudgingly

like home

when it rains it mourns
the living light crying
caught between the sky
and forever
watch the evergreen
seems like a day
to remember

a way

I want to be her collarbone
just to miss that kiss
when she looks over her shoulder